The steppers are alive!

Alright, the stepper drivers came in. As you can see in the videos below I am able to drive both steppers successfully. They use about 150mA when running at about 500Hz.

As you can see I’m using an Arduino Pro (the blue PCB) to generate the step pulses and the step direction, alternating between a high frequency and low frequency and changing direction. The motors both respond nicely. The red PCBs are the EasySteppers.

Tonight I attached all the wiring and tried to get EMC to control the motors, sadly I was unsuccessful. I think I am having issues with the parallel port card. Maybe I’ve got the wrong address or something. I’ll have to sit down tomorrow and troubleshoot this one. I’d also like to make a small PCB that holds a 12V-5V convertor, some LEDs, DB25 and a relay for the emergency stop. Gotta sleep on that one.

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