Success!!! Both the X and Y axis are moving

Good news guys. The with the new PCB and the correct IO address for the parallel port I now have the table and the X axis responding!! I put together a very simple G-code file and recorded the result!

N100 G0 X0.00 Y0.00
N100 G0 X8.00 Y8.00
N100 G0 X8.00 Y4.00
N100 G0 X4.00 Y4.00
N100 G0 X0.00 Y0.00

For some reason I am having trouble with the home switches on the first port of the card. I hope I didn’t burn them out somehow 🙂 Though I wouldn’t be surprised.

It was quite confusing configuring the motor parameters but trial and error did the trick. The interface board works mostly. One tiny thing is not working though, the relays do not respond to the ESTOP signal. I thought that they did work at the office. Gotta figure out what is going on there tomorrow.

I’ve also received the shipment from Aixiz, I had ordered a laser holder (12×30), glass lens and a driver with TTL input. First off this thing is impossible to open by hand, secondly taking out the 5mW laser that is inside is even more impossible. Looks like they put some kind of glue on the threads, why? Oh well, nothing a little brute force can’t fix. The DVD laser has been installed and has burned it’s first victim. A random leaf. WickedLasers is incredibly slow, they have not yet shipped my goggles! Beware.

The Axis, revisited.

Remember my post a few days ago,.. I have the axis labeled incorrectly. EMC2 uses the axis rotated CCW by 90 degrees, switching the names. The bridge is the X-axis, the table is the Y-axis.

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