Putting it together

Alright, the bridge mount glue has dried overnight and it’s time to put it all together! My daughter was quite curious as to what those gears do. She was delighted to find she could move the table and the laser head by spinnging the ‘baby’ gears. Not only that but the baby gear spins the daddy gear. For those not in the know, that is the smaller gear spins the larger gear,.. not unlike reality 🙂
The Axis
After skim-reading some of the EMC2 documentation I think I figured out how to name the axis. EMC2 uses right-handed coordinate system. ( See section 9.2.1 of the User Manual. ). So making a quick drawing of this I can see that the table will be the X-axis, and the bridge is the Y-axis.
Once I get the stepper drivers I will most likely be looking at this page very carefully. It talks about how to setup EMC2 in a very understandable way (famous last words)
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