Plastic Engraving

I’ve done some work on the CNC machine yesterday and I was able to engrave some really fine text onto plastic. This is the first application for the machine that I have in mind. At work we make some hardware. I’d like to engrave the serial numbers in those cases. As you can see the engraving can easily be done at a lower laser power. Which leads me to the realization I need control over the laser power from EMC2. Maybe Drive4Die or Flexmod.

Also it looks like I’m going to need control over the Z axis to focus the laser on different height materials without having to refocus every time.
I’ve also noticed the machine isn’t quite orthogonal, which is not too much of a surprise :). I’ll have to work on that a bit as well. All in all it’s looking very good.
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2 Responses to Plastic Engraving

  1. Brian B says:

    Wow, that is looking great on the plastic!How thick was the balsa you cut through? How thick do you suppose you could go?-Brian

  2. Ron says:

    Hey Brian,The balsa was real thin. This laser is not suitable for cutting. I had to turn the feed speed down quite a bit which allowed it to cut but caused a bit of burn around the cut.I've read reports that I'd need at least a 1Watt laser to do this, not sure I want to fork out that kind of money.- Ron

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