NewEgg is FAST

Well how about that. Ordered yesterday, arrived today. This was shipped from within CA so that helps 🙂

The connection with the CNC laser cutter will be made through a parallel port. (Wow that takes me back a few years) The interface cards I ordered all take TTL level (0-5v) signals as input. A quick check on the parallel port specifications shows me that it also uses TTL (0-5v) which makes my life extremely easy!
Each port has 8 outputs and 5 inputs (don’t ask me why only 5 inputs, seems odd to me).
2 output pins for x-axis (step + direction)
2 output pins for y-axis (step + direction)
1 output for laser
1 input for home-stop sensor on x-axis
1 input for home-stop sensor on y-axis
Which means, my current design will fit on one port.
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