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After doing a lot of projects around the house and at the office that I wanted to share but really were to small to put a whole new blog up for I decided to create a blog for all my gizmo’s and weekend projects. I did a bit of searching around for available names when I stumbled upon this gem. I could hardly believe it was actually available. So I grabbed it quickly and am now in the process of transferring the content over from old blogs. Most notably the laser 530 blog. The site still needs some polish but for now that all the time I have.

Things in the pipe

1. Over reflow controller ATMega 168 based with an LCD, USB, Solid state relay and Capacitive touch controls.
2. My very first home made bed,.. yes I dabble in wood working as well
3. My home brewclock / weather station general purpose microcontroller with LCD touchscreen based upon the LPC1678

1 and 2 are already done they just need to be written up and photographed for the world to see. 3 is a work in progress, I’ve pretty much acquired all the required hardware and now have to start making it work. This is probably going to be the most active thread for a bit.

The CNC work has died down a bit as it’s working right now, sadly not as a cutter but mostly as an engraver.

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