DC Motors are out.

So as it turns out, controlling a DC motor plus position encoder might be more then I want to take on right now. This means I need to find two steppers. Luckily the Lexmark printer is a multi-function model as well, which means it has a scanner. And for some reason they (always?) use steppers in those.

As a side why is that? I’m sure if they can control the print head so accurately using a DC motor with an encoder why not on the scanner?
Anyway, with the Lexmark’s scanner step motor I now have two both with 4 wires. They’re pretty small but through their gearing stepping down quite a lot they should have enough torque to move the print head and the table,.. or so is the plan 🙂
I like the metal bridge so I’m going to see if I can modify it to take the stepper motor with it’s gears… stay tuned.
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