Bridge mounts and table guides

Good news! The base turned out nice and straight so the 1×1″ pieces of wood glued to the bottom did the trick.

Tonight I worked on the guides for the table, ensuring it moves along only one axis. In the picture you can see the guides are multiple pieces of wood. If I had to do that again, I’d make them out of one piece. The table can get hung up on them if they are not flush, nothing the sander can’t fix.
You can also see the clamps holding down the newly cut bridge mounts. The bridge slides into the slots that I have cut, allowing for easy adjustments if necessary.
PC – CNC controller
I placed the parallel port and an old video card in the old PC I have set aside for this project. The PC came on and started booting the EMC linux live CD. I’ve added the video card because some of the posts on the EMC forum indicated that integrated video card sometimes induce latency. Latency is not good as EMC needs this to be as low as possible to guarantee good motor control.
Sadly I ran out of time to work on the project for tonight. So I won’t know what the latency for this machine will be. The stepper motor controller cards should arrive on Thursday. I can’t wait to see this thing move 🙂
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